Financial Wellness

Guide to Paying Down Debt

Figuring out how to pay off debt requires a solid strategy, especially if you’re juggling multiple types. Here are 5 steps to help you identify which debts should take priority on your pay-off list — so you can be debt-free.

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Protect Your Income and Lifestyle

People insure their home, their car, and even their cell phone. But what about their income and lifestyle? This video highlights why it's so important to protect both and how individual disability income insurance can help.

Financial Planning: Make Your Money Work For You

Whether people have a little or a lot, the way they manage their money makes a difference. And the decisions they make today can have a tremendous impact on what they’ll have tomorrow. This video highlights the five basic actions that are key to the best financial plans.

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Investing: Finding Your Balance with Asset Allocation

When investing, it's important to not focus all your efforts on one thing, or in one place or you could lose everything. This video illustrates why it's so important to spread investments across various asset classes.

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Money Basics: Compund Interest 101

Compound interest is key to growing your savings and investments, but it can also be a hurdle to paying off debt. So how does it work? It’s not exactly simple. Here’s what compounding interest looks like in action, and what it can mean for your money goals.

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Money Basics: Create a Plan in Five Simple Steps

Many people don't have a good handle on how much money is coming in and going out each month. Share this video with clients and prospect to help them learn the five simple steps to create and follow a budget.

Get started with a Budget Worksheet.

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